With perseverance and continuous verification

We serve both Nonprofits and ESG Players simultaneously and successfully

Our capability lies in our ability to harness the collective international experience we have accumulated and utilize it in a singular manner: effectively managing and bringing people together to create value. By leveraging this wealth of experience, we foster collaboration and facilitate the creation of meaningful outcomes.

Our services are specifically designed to be result-oriented, focusing on achieving tangible outcomes. We prioritize people-based skills, emphasizing effective communication and strong leadership to ensure that our clients' values are effectively expressed and incorporated into our deliverables. For this purpose, and to align our efforts with our clients' objectives, we strive to provide impactful solutions that drive meaningful results.

At the core of our niche, we embrace the concept of constructive social and economic competition, coupled with international and cross-cultural conversations. These elements form an integral part of our approach as we serve both businesses and causes. Leveraging our expertise, we excel in delivering what we do best:

ESG Reporting

Processing your collected data and producing your annual report following official approved reporting standards.

 ESG measurement metric creation

The ESG recipe has a massive number of ingredients; we help you develop your own measurement metric and take a step toward global compliance.

GHG measurement & offset

We help our clients calculate their Greenhouse Gas emissions and we provide them with means to offset through reliable third parties. 

ESG initiatives

We assist SMEs in realizing their ESG contributions via project management support to execute neat and professional work.

Humanitarian Response

We help Nonprofits grow their impact following the UN SDGs