Our story

With the first Sun of the 21st-Century setting, at the age of six, the founder made his first trade and began a journey of learning what business means. 

As simple as an act of coloring micro decorative statues and then selling them to family members. The learning extent was a lesson for life about the value of work, negotiation, sales, return on efforts' investment, and wise spending.

Since then, the founder's life has been shaped by experiences that uncovered life and its massively diverse components, for that curious young talent.

Today, in May 2023, the idea of M. A. I. Consulting was born, and the acronyms stand for M. is Mamdouh, and A. I. stands for both Alqudsi International and Artificial Intelligence. Because incorporating and being inspired by technologies made us marvelously present across the globe. MAI is the month of MAY in French, where the founder was located when the idea was born.

The concept behind M.A.I. Consulting is to become the platform:

M.A.I. Consulting stands as the embodiment of a lifelong journey of learning, exploration, and growth. From humble beginnings, the experiences shaped the founder's understanding of the intricacies of life and business. 

We are looking forward to incorporating you into our story!

Accumulation Of The 21st Century

The first decade of the century contributed to enhancing communication with clients from different walks of life. Diversity-wise, there was a plethora of eye-opening introductory opportunities to various social components and tailored activities to their conditions. Including several engagements with Paralympic Sports and Players, and Braille and sign language educational institutes.

During the second decade, the previous lessons came in handy because they were a source of inspiration for life-changing initiatives that were carried on during the course of the following 10 years. Among many vital instances, employing sport for development and peace initiatives ensured humanitarian response together with social integration activities and introductions to new possibilities in life for both war casualties and internally displaced persons. 

Till the day of launching this consulting startup, the founder completes a presence of 29 years. With experience in areas including humanitarian response, education, international law, ESG and climate transition, social integration, hospitality, team and capacity building, and human rights. 

The experiences involved tasks and fields of work involving management consulting, project management, event coordination and organization, negotiation, partnership development, international relation and advocacy, hotels and restaurants, sales, construction, and houses internal decorations, teaching children from the age of 3 to 15, retail, and supply chain. 

This diversity is among the 21st century's must-haves, because of how they develop the capability of keeping up with what is emerging every instant from research and use of technology.

Nearly three decades on this earth were not all about work solely, but adventures and education too. In terms of adventures, the founder has been actively networking & participating in international forums, conferences, and summits across the world. To name a few, OECD Annual Forum (18 - 19); Paris Peace Forum (19); OECD Social and Solidarity Economy; COP 25 - COY 15.

Education-wise, the founder's first life resolution was completing academic and work experiences in three fields, politics, sociology, and economics. This resolution was realized at the age of 28, post a BS.c. in Management Sciences with a specialization in Finance and Banking Administration; MA in Social Integration certifying him as a Social Integration Counselor from ELTE University; Diploma in civil cadres' capacity building; a Harvard Summer School on Immigration; 2 Academic semesters exchange at Sciences Po in political sciences; MBA specializing in Management Consulting from Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM). 

The founder's journey spans over two decades, encompassing diverse experiences and a passion for continuous impact growth. Through this unique blend of experience and ongoing learning, they are equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of today's world, driven by research and technology.