To make voluntary compliance the new norm

Making every contribution counts

Our mission is to foster the creation of equitable and prosperous societies by promoting diversity-based economic competitiveness, driving social innovation, and taking impactful actions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through these collective efforts, we aim to contribute to a more just and sustainable world.

Driven by our steadfast dedication to establishing inclusive and supportive environments, we strive to unite individuals, boost mutual understanding, and harness the power of multicultural, cross-regional collaboration. By leveraging these collective efforts, we aim to overcome challenges, bridge gaps, and create transformative opportunities that can profoundly impact lives.

To grant our clients tailored, data-driven options that align with their specific needs, our customized approach is meticulously designed. We achieve this by posing the most challenging questions, actively listening to our clients, understanding their values, and addressing their concerns and priorities. By incorporating these crucial elements into our process, we ensure that our clients receive solutions that are truly aligned with their objectives and requirements.

By integrating these efforts into our solution design, implementation, and follow-up processes, we are able to provide a multidimensional perspective. This approach enables us to drive efficiency optimization and scale up the impact growth for our clients. Through a holistic approach that considers various dimensions, we maximize the effectiveness of our solutions and ensure long-term success.

The founder brings a wealth of essential skills to help clients achieve their goals and surpass targeted achievements. With a diverse background and over a decade of extensive experience in strategy and management, humanitarian response, research and development (R&D), and international relations, the founder offers a unique perspective and a strong foundation to deliver impactful results for clients.

With a brought proven track record in designing and presenting project proposals, demonstrating effective leadership, and collaborating with multicultural international teams to creatively execute consulting live cases. The experience includes successfully overcoming challenges and establishing strategic partnerships to achieve desired outcomes. This expertise allows for innovative problem-solving and the ability to drive impactful results for clients.

What sets M.A.I. Consulting apart is our distinct problem-solving framework, which incorporates crowdsourced social and economic constructive competition skills and approaches into our clients' experiences. By integrating these innovative methods, we enhance their positive change-making journey and provide unique solutions that drive meaningful impact. Our approach combines collaborative and competitive elements to deliver transformative results for our clients.

With a commitment to client satisfaction and the absence of geographic limitations, we are readily accessible to you with just a simple 'call'. Regardless of your location, we are dedicated to serving your needs and providing exceptional support.